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40 Years With Islamic Relief

Remembering a Legacy of Compassion and Change

For four decades, Islamic Relief has been weaving a thread of hope, compassion, and positive change across 40 countries.
With your support, we've touched the lives of 120 million people, creating a world where no one is left behind. Join us in honoring our 40th anniversary and continue the journey of transforming lives. Thank you for being part of our story.

This fundraiser is being organized by
Ottawa Muslim Association

Empowering Our Mosques, Empowering Our Community

OMA mosque is collecting for masjid projects (repair and maintenance), since the building is old. 

  1. Carpets

  2. Front stairs

  3. Heat and cooling system

  4. Hot water tank

  5. Dome and minaret

  6. Doors and windows

As Muslims, we know that our mosques are not only places of worship but also centers of community life. They have been there for us in times of joy and times of hardship, providing us with a safe space to come together and support one another. However, due to the long-lasting effects of COVID-19 many mosques continue to struggle to keep their doors open and their services.

This is where we, as a community, can make a difference. By giving Sadaqah and donations to support our mosques, we can ensure that they continue to be a source of strength and unity for us. Even a small donation can go a long way in helping to pay for the upkeep of the mosque and the programs and services it offers.

Giving back to our community is a way of fulfilling our religious obligations and showing gratitude for the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us. It is also a way of investing in our community's future and ensuring that future generations have access to the same support and resources that we have had. So that like us, our children may also find the solace we have found within the walls of our masajid. 

So let us come together and support our mosques and each other. Every contribution counts. Let us remember the vital role that our masajid have played in our lives and make a commitment to help ensure that they continue to thrive.

Donate your Sadaqah Jariyah to support your local Masjid in'sha Allah.

About Ottawa Muslim Association

Our Story

The story of the Ottawa Mosque starts in the 1940s with the first few Muslim families in Ottawa. Surrounded by a different and new environment, the families sought to strengthen Islamic values and understanding in their children, as well as maintain their cultural awareness. To this end, the community rented out the basement of Northwestern United Church every Sunday to teach Quran, Islamic studies, and Arabic to the children, and then share a meal together.

As the community grew, the need for a Mosque in the city of Ottawa became prominent. While different options for locations and lands for this Mosque were considered, the two houses on Northwestern Avenue came with the wonderful benefit of remaining near our longtime friends and neighbors, United Church. And so, the Ottawa Mosque, the first in Ottawa and one of the first in Canada, was constructed in 1970.

The Pillars of our Community

Who We Are

The Ottawa Muslim Association (OMA) is a grass-roots, charitable Muslim organization governed by the guidance provided in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to serve Muslims in the Greater Ottawa region.

Our Vision

The Association is a non-profit and registered charity that was founded in 1965 with the purpose of strengthening fraternal bonds and brotherly relations among Muslims by acting as the focal point of the Muslim Community in the National Capital Region.

Our Mission

We shall work to establish and maintain the Muslim community within Canada by providing prayer and religious services, facilitating the learning of Islamic knowledge, providing social services, as well as operating and maintaining the Ottawa Mosque.

Islamic Relief works with communities to strengthen their resilience to calamities, and we provide vital emergency aid when disasters occur.

We help the impoverished access basic services, including education, water and sanitation, as well as healthcare. We provide lasting routes out of poverty through our sustainable development schemes. Our integrated approach to progress is transforming communities worldwide.

We tackle the root causes of poverty and make sure that the world’s most vulnerable people have real influence in both our programs and advocacy.

Our key values, of compassion, justice, custodianship, sincerity and excellence – a critical part of our Islamic faith - inspire us each and every day to create positive change and remember the sanctity of life.

In line with Islamic teachings on the value of every human life, we provide assistance to whoever needs it most, regardless of race, religion or gender. We work to transform and save lives of people in crisis both Canada and across the world.

Let us share the khair from the blessings Allah has bestowed upon us.

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