Support Ria's Hike for Palestine at Montagne d'Argent!
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Conquer the Montagne D'Argent Community

On Saturday June 22nd 2024, I am taking part in a hike at Montagne D'Argent to raise funds for Palestine. My goal is to raise funds to supply food, sanitation essentials, and other basic survival items to those affected by the ongoing crisis.

Your support is crucial—every donation helps Islamic Relief deliver much-needed relief. Please contribute to this urgent cause and help make a difference. Thank you for your generous support and for standing with the people of Palestine!

40 Years With Islamic Relief

Remembering a Legacy of Compassion and Change

For four decades, Islamic Relief has been weaving a thread of hope, compassion,
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can provide life-saving essentials


can provide a family with life-saving food


can provide emergency medical supplies


people in need of humanitarian aid in Gaza


of population without access to clean water

Call on Canada to stop the attack on Rafah and protect innocent lives now

On the morning of May 6, Palestinians seeking refuge in Eastern parts of Rafah received an order to evacuate for safety in advance of Israel’s assault. 

Israel’s invasion of Rafah will have catastrophic humanitarian consequences for the more than 1.2 million people who are displaced and now sheltering in dire conditions in Rafah. Palestinians are being told to evacuate as Rafah remains under attack, but there is no safe place to go.

International Humanitarian Law must be upheld. The Canadian Government must condemn the brutal attack and call for an immediate ceasefire in order to save lives. 

Add your voice! Take action now and send an email to your political representative urging Canada to protect innocent civilians and condemn the invasion of Rafah. 

Send Urgent Relief to Gaza Charity

The people of Gaza are fleeing for their lives as they experience over 6 months of indiscriminate attacks, ongoing blockade, and a starvation diet. Nearly 80,643 Palestinians have been injured and 35,984 people killed, with 1.8 million people forcefully displaced. 

1 in 25 people in Gaza are now injured or killed. 

Lack of fuel, clean water and limited food supplies has forced the healthcare system into a state of total collapse and caused significant levels of dehydration, starvation, and disease as essential supplies slowly run out across the Gaza Strip. 

Islamic Relief is on the ground in Khan Younis, Deir Al Balah, Zawayda, and Rafah, delivering daily ready-to-eat hot meals in Gaza. We have distributed 16 million hot meals thus far. 

We are also distributing hygiene kits, clean water via water tanks, and psychosocial support for children–but the enormity of the crisis means that much more is needed. Support our Gaza emergency appeal and continue saving lives.

How is Islamic Relief delivering aid across Gaza?

Islamic Relief has been on the ground, operating in Palestine since 1997. Our staff in Gaza are using your donations to locally procure food, hygiene supplies, bedding, and any other essential item we can source. They screen and contract local suppliers and partners, who procure either locally or through private trading routes between Gaza and Egypt.

Islamic Relief has successfully facilitated aid trucks entering Gaza through the Egypt border crossing, which has helped to alleviate some of the pressure on the ground. We are also actively exploring additional avenues of aid through various border crossings. 

Working alongside local partners and the World Food Programme, we are presently active in the Middle Area including Deir Al Balah, Zawayda, and Al Nusairat, as well Khan Younis and Rafah. 

From October 7 to May 27, 2024, our team has so far distributed: 

            ⛑️ 2.2 million medical supply items 

            🍴16 million ready-to-eat meals

            📦 14,520 food packs 

            💵 4,245 food vouchers   

            🥬 Fresh produce to 210,624 households

             🛏️ 33,707 blankets and mattresses

            💧4.4 million people received clean water 

            🧼60,738 hygiene kits + items to 254 shelters

            🎈75,133 children received psychosocial support

            🩺Health services to 5,750 individuals

How Your Zakat Can Help Gaza

Your Zakat can help deliver life-saving essentials to communities affected by the ongoing violence across Palestine. 

At Islamic Relief Canada, we follow a scholar-verified Zakat Policy to ensure your Zakat reaches as many poor and needy people as possible to transform their lives.

  • $65 can provide living essentials

  • $150 can provide a family with life saving food

  • $250 can provide urgent medical aid 

We are focused first on areas that are accessible and where our teams can obtain and deliver aid, working with local partners to reach as many people as possible. 

Every dollar you give means we can reach more civilian children, women and the elderly who continue to face hunger, poverty, trauma and loss. 

How your donations are making a difference to the people of Palestine

Islamic Relief has been working in Palestine since 1997. Our work in Gaza is focused on both emergency relief and development support, ensuring sustainable long-term programs that are transformative for the communities involved.

Some of our key projects over the past few years have included:

  • Distributing emergency food packs and facilitating access to clean drinking water

  • Creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for 755 farmer families by planting olive trees and providing essential tools for cultivation and irrigation

  • Empowering orphans and vulnerable children through education and STEM 

  • Enrolling children in recreational therapy and psychosocial services

Following the May 2021 escalations in Gaza, Islamic Relief launched new projects for recovery and rehabilitation, ensuring your donations reached those in most need. These projects included:

  • Health: Rehabilitated and equipped 2 primary health care clinics with equipment, resources, tools and training.

  • Education: Repaired and rehabilitated 3 schools, and 3 special education centers that were damaged.

  • Livelihoods: Supported microbusinesses with cash assistance. 

  • Food: Provided cash assistance to families so they can buy household staples.

  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene: Rehabilitated wastewater connections in housing units and enhanced access to clean water.

Your support for Gaza is helping our teams to deliver vital medical, food, water, and psychosocial support to Palestinians in need.

Urgent Sponsorships Needed for Orphans in Gaza

In the face of the most catastrophic destruction and humanitarian crisis to date in Gaza, children are paying the heaviest price. 

Nearly half of Gaza’s population are children, with over 450,000 currently left without a home. 25,000 Palestinian children have been orphaned and no longer have the emotional or financial support to survive, let alone thrive. 

Islamic Relief currently has hundreds of orphans registered in our system waiting to be sponsored, and with each passing day, more and more orphans are becoming in dire need of urgent support. 

Please join us in answering the call of these orphans and children. Your monthly sponsorship of $90/month is life-saving. Not only does it let them know they’re not alone, but it helps to ensure that they have access to:

  • Food to eat

  • Safer shelter

  • Health care

  • Psychological support 

More questions? See our Palestine FAQ

Islamic Relief works with communities to strengthen their resilience to calamities, and we provide vital emergency aid when disasters occur.

We help the impoverished access basic services, including education, water and sanitation, as well as healthcare. We provide lasting routes out of poverty through our sustainable development schemes. Our integrated approach to progress is transforming communities worldwide.

We tackle the root causes of poverty and make sure that the world’s most vulnerable people have real influence in both our programs and advocacy.

Our key values, of compassion, justice, custodianship, sincerity and excellence – a critical part of our Islamic faith - inspire us each and every day to create positive change and remember the sanctity of life.

In line with Islamic teachings on the value of every human life, we provide assistance to whoever needs it most, regardless of race, religion or gender. We work to transform and save lives of people in crisis both Canada and across the world.

Let us share the khair from the blessings Allah has bestowed upon us.