Darul Uloom Ottawa (Masjid & Center)
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Darul Uloom Ottawa (Masjid & Center)

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Darul Uloom Ottawa (Masjid & Center) is a Registered Charitable Organization located in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, ON.

It was established upon observing the needs of the Muslim community, to facilitate the programs that would offer a combination of religious, institutional, and social services.

Alhamdulillah, since its establishment, Darul-Uloom facilitates prayers, Dawah activities, Quran classes, Hadith lessons, and Tafsir sessions, as well as Darul-Ifta services, religious guidance, reliable fatwas, family consultation, youth counselling, marriage services, and much more resources to meet all the community’s needs.

As the Muslim population of Ottawa continues to grow rapidly, the services and demands have increased steadily, and it became apparent that our current rental location is not sufficient to meet all the religious, institutional, and social needs of the community.

Along with offering various services, our vision is to:
    Build a Masjid, community center, and gym.
    Establish an Elementary and Secondary Islamic school.
    Facilitate a boarding madrasa along with higher Islamic education.
    Inaugurate a Library with Islamic resources for all age groups.
    Provide a place of refuge to upbuild social activities, sports, and events.

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