IR Clubs Turkiye Syria Earthquake Appeal

Islamic Relief is on the ground now in both Turkiye and Syria in the aftermath of the earthquakes. Our teams are working hard to ensure people get the help they need. And yet it is clear that there are still so many more who await our help. In the face of so much suffering, IR Clubs nationally are asking for your generous donations so we can continue our work.

4 788,05 raised of 6 000,00

4 788,05 raised

Objectif 6 000,00

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Search & rescue teams are reaching the thousands trapped under rubble as we continue to support ground efforts to retrieve bodies. 

Emergency food aid is being provided to people who have lost everything as access to food is scarce, and many markets are closed. 

Winter kits and blankets are being distributed as most cities continue to deal with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. 

Shelter is being provided through tents, as 380,000 people have lost their homes or feel unsafe seeking refuge inside buildings rather than being stuck outside in freezing temperatures. 

Families are scrambling to rescue loved ones trapped under the rubble of their homes, and so many more await treatment for their injuries as ongoing rescue operations take place in a desperate bid to save lives. 

We pray that the people of Turkiye and Syria are granted peace and prosperity inshaAllah. 

Let us be the ones to help them in their time of need.

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