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55 100,00 raised

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Masjid Al Fatima is vital to the daily lives of our Muslim community.

The Masjid is not only focused on maintaining a safe space for daily prayers, but continues to offer social services through these challenging times. These social services help all ages and groups including the youth. Please help support the Masjid during these challenging times and to continue working toward the vision to build a fully operational facility.  

The Masjid was architecturally designed to create a beautiful place for the Edmonton Muslim community to answer to the call of prayers. A huge domed main Musallah and separate hall for women caters to the 5 time prayers needs. A funeral services room with most modern amenities to help the community in preparing the departed is part of the Masjid plan. Not just arranging funeral services, we are also planning to have grief counselling to help the grieving family. Our services make the Masjid, not just a prayer hall but a community hub.

We are currently under construction and nearing the finish line. Please donate as we try to reach the goal of servicing our community.

Those who help the masjid by giving time or financial donations are the ones whose reward is manifold.

May Allah accept your Sadaqah Jariyah.

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