Muslims in Canada Archives (MiCA)
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Muslims in Canada Archives (MiCA)

About Muslims in Canada Archives

The Muslims in Canada Archives (MiCA) is a participatory archive that is uniquely designed to document and share the history of Muslims across Canada. 

As a participatory archive, MiCA invites and works with individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions to collect records from and about Muslims in Canada. MiCA works with the creator(s) of the records to make sure their experiences are reflected in the collection.

MiCA Fills an Important Gap in Canada's Recorded History 

MiCA exists because there is a gap in the documented heritage of Muslims in Canada [footnote/source enviro scan]. Despite the contributions that Muslims have made to Canada since the 1800s, their histories are often missing within Canada’s institutional archives.

Even though these institutions would like to have records about Muslims, they’re not always able to do so for two reasons:

  1. Limited resources and capacity — the institutions have a limited amount of resources and capacity needed to develop the relationships, the outreach programs, the processes that cater specifically to Muslim individuals and communities.

  2. Missing cultural knowledge — the institutions don’t necessarily have the cultural knowledge and familiarity needed to document these records in a way that reflects the Muslim experience in Canada.

MiCA is designed to fill this gap in documenting the heritage of Muslim in Canada, while helping improve the capabilities of Canada’s many institutions in representing its diversity in archive collections.

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