Ramadan Challenge

Try a fast. Donate a meal. Rebuild lives.

5 622,00 raised of 5 000,00

5 622,00 raised

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In February 2023, two deadly earthquakes struck southern Turkiye with tremors felt in northern Syria. 
These earthquakes have caused devastation to the regions with a current death toll of around 46,000 people. 
Due to the cold weather and conditions, many people that survived the earthquakes succumbed to the climate days later.
The regions need aid to house displaced people, and give them emergency food and shelter.
This Ramadan we are trying to unite the Kingston community and provide hope.
Ramadan is a time where many Muslims increase in charity.
Muslims fast during the daylight hours. 
We are looking for volunteers in the Kingston community to take on the challenge of fasting a day in the spirit of Ramadan, and join the community for a delicious iftar meal.
We are hoping that friends, family and the Muslim community donate generously in this time to sponsor your achievements. 
Just $100 a day from the community will raise around $3000. 
All the proceeds will go to the Turkiye-Syria earthquake appeal. 

Let the challenge begin!