Somalia Drought Crisis: Providing Water

We are a group of sisters in the Taleem al Qur'an program at Al Huda Canada Institute. After learning Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 177, Ayatul Birr (the verse of righteousness), which stresses the importance of being good to parents, neighbors, relatives, orphans and the needy, we decided to take action and help those in need in Somalia. Somalia is undergoing a major drought and consequently a famine, thus requiring urgent humanitarian aid. Through this fundraising campaign we will be raising money to provide access to water for those in need. So many of us take our access to clean drinking water for granted without giving much thought to those who don’t have this luxury, and unfortunately there are many who don’t. Donate now and help change someone’s normal for the better.

1 120,00 raised of 1 000,00

1 120,00 raised

Objectif 1 000,00
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