TMU Builds a Water Well in Kosovo

Help us build a water well that will be connected to the network system to provide households in the villages with water directly in their homes (through pipes).

4 078,93 raised of 3 000,00

4 078,93 raised

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The overall goal of the project is to increase access to clean water for the rural poor, with an emphasis on female-headed households and families with disabilities in Skenderaj. With the country facing rural poverty, high unemployment rates, and a lack of livelihood opportunities, we focus on taking an integrated sustainable livelihood approach to support families who significantly lack access to safe clean water.

Your contributions will go towards the installation of 20 household water pumps. Each family will get one well and will consult a technical expert to find the best location for the water well within their property. The wells will be used for either agricultural support or for domestic use InshAllah.