Feeding Hope, Ending Hunger

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Nourishing lives, one meal at a time. Please join my fundraising cause to Feed the Poor and eradicate hunger.

Together, we can make a difference.

Feeding Hope, Ending Hunger

I am on a mission to bring sustenance and strength to those in need, combating the devastating reality of hunger that countless individuals face each day.

With your support, we can create a powerful impact, providing nourishing meals and revitalizing communities. Join me in this noble endeavor and be the beacon of hope for those who deserve a brighter, hunger-free future.

Together, let's make a tangible difference in the lives of the hungry and vulnerable, one meal at a time.


Islamic Relief Canada's Food Programs

The reality of hunger across the world

Imagine waking up every morning worried where the next meal is going to come from for you and your family? Imagine going to bed hungry every single night having barely eaten that day? Imagine watching your child cry out from hunger?

This is sadly the reality for the 821 million people who go hungry each and every day in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Food is a basic necessity for survival and also the key to a healthy life. Without regular healthy meals feeding the poor, children struggle to go to school, carers struggle to work and communities are left battling to survive.

The impact of hunger across the world

11.3% of the world’s population goes to bed hungry every night. That leaves 821 million people relying on food charity to survive.

50 million people in 46 countries are teetering on the edge of famine, with 25,000 people dying from hunger and related causes each and every day.

As many as 14 million hungry children under the age of five worldwide suffer from severe acute malnutrition and sadly, 1 million of these hungry kids die each year from starvation.

The humanitarian needs are higher today than ever before and we must act quickly to save lives.

How Islamic Relief are feeding the poor and ensuring hunger no more

Here at Islamic Relief, we’ve been working with communities across the globe for over 30 years. We know just how important a nutritious diet is. That’s why we’re striving to feed families and ensure that no child or adult goes hungry.

We are helping to feed nearly 900,000 people each year across the world in countries, including Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and Palestine.

We work to provide sustainable long-term food solutions for communities in need, as well as offering short-term lifesaving interventions in response to global emergencies.

We distribute seeds and train locals to improve agricultural production, we introduce small-scale fish farming to enable families to improve their diet and increase their income and we establish community-run food banks to help as many people as possible.

With additional school gardens to help children in local communities and irrigation schemes to increase agricultural productivity, we’re enabling communities to grow more food. What’s more, when war, conflict and natural disaster-hits, we’re straight on the ground to support communities in need.

We set up and support emergency feeding centres to support severely malnourished children, provide emergency food packs and food vouchers to help feed a family and individuals in crisis and also distribute fresh meat during Ramadan and Qurbani to offer a vital protein source for malnourished families.

By supporting our Islamic Relief, you’ll be helping to feed families in times of emergency and to fight food poverty, to ensure hunger no more for communities over the long-term. By providing food support, you’ll be crucially saving lives.

Why do our food packs need to be at a higher price?

To accommodate for inflation and increased costs on operations and supplies, Islamic Relief Canada is increasing the cost of our food packs to $150/food pack which feeds 1 family for a month.

This is to ensure we can choose the most reliable suppliers, upkeep the quality of our products and provide more items in our food packs, making your donation have an even stronger impact in the lives of the rights-holders you support.

Ultimately, this will ensure we are able to operate sustainably and responsibly long into the future.