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40 Years With Islamic Relief

Remembering a Legacy of Compassion and Change

For four decades, Islamic Relief has been weaving a thread of hope, compassion, and positive change across 40 countries.
With your support, we've touched the lives of 120 million people, creating a world where no one is left behind. Join us in honoring our 40th anniversary and continue the journey of transforming lives. Thank you for being part of our story.

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Al Falah Calgary Islamic Centre

Empowering Our Mosques, Empowering Our Community

We have come a long way, and there is only a little left. With the grace of God and then with your support, we are close to completing the project of the mosque, the Qur’an school, and the sports and social activities center. We ask you to make every effort to help us complete the internal construction phase so that it will be ready before the advent of the holy month of Ramadan.

In times of joy and hardship, our mosques have been steadfast pillars, providing a sanctuary for ibadah, spiritual growth and community.. However, due to inflation and the lingering effects of COVID-19, many mosques are grappling to maintain their essential services and stay operational.

This Ramadan, Islamic Relief will match the money your Masjid is able to raise throughout the month. Your impact will be doubled, extending your reach and magnifying the support our community can achieve together.

Why is Your Support Crucial?

Many of our masajid rely on your donations to keep their doors open. Our community's strength lies in unity, and now, we have the opportunity to make a larger impact and much-needed difference. By contributing Sadaqah and donations, no matter the amount, we can ensure that our mosques are supported and continue to be the heart of our community. 

Investing in Unity, Ensuring Legacy

Your generosity not only upholds our religious duty of giving back but also secures the future for generations to come. Even a modest donation plays a pivotal role in sustaining our mosques, covering maintenance costs, and supporting the diverse programs and services they offer. This is an investment in the future of our community. 

Show Gratitude & Join Us in Empowering Our Mosques and Our Community

As we express gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us by Allah, let us channel our appreciation into action. Every contribution, no matter the amount, is a vital step towards preserving the vital role our mosques play in our lives. Let's remember the comfort found within the walls of our masajid, and commit to ensuring they continue to flourish. 

About Al Falah Calgary Islamic Centre

ALFALAH CALGARY ISLAMIC CENTRE (ACIC) is a non-Profit organization with an aim to help Muslims practice, guide, Promote Islam by providing places of worship, and general education. Our organization endure to give unselfish and compassionate Help to the Community and to Connect and exhibit Islam through instructive and social exercises. Also,  ACIC Propagate and Spread Islam & Islamic Values in local Community. Our Goals are: 

  • to Help Muslims in Calgary and Vicinity Carry out Islamic activities in Pursuit of the Complete Islamic way of life. 

  • to establish, operate, and manage places of worship, Madrasa (Religious schools) to all ages.

  • to Provide Guidance in marriages in accordance with Islamic Principles and traditions.

  • to Carry on religious, Charitable or other Islamic Activities

  • to help establish Strong, peaceful, and harmonious relations with other Communities at large. 

  • to work together with other similar organization for the betterment of humanity

ACIC was established in 2012 by a group of dedicated Muslims.  

Islamic Relief works with communities to strengthen their resilience to calamities, and we provide vital emergency aid when disasters occur.

We help the impoverished access basic services, including education, water and sanitation, as well as healthcare. We provide lasting routes out of poverty through our sustainable development schemes. Our integrated approach to progress is transforming communities worldwide.

We tackle the root causes of poverty and make sure that the world’s most vulnerable people have real influence in both our programs and advocacy.

Our key values, of compassion, justice, custodianship, sincerity and excellence – a critical part of our Islamic faith - inspire us each and every day to create positive change and remember the sanctity of life.

In line with Islamic teachings on the value of every human life, we provide assistance to whoever needs it most, regardless of race, religion or gender. We work to transform and save lives of people in crisis both Canada and across the world.

Let us share the khair from the blessings Allah has bestowed upon us.

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