Building Permanent Shelters in Cox's Bazaar

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Please support J2S in building permanent shelters for families in need.

Building Permanent Shelters in Cox's Bazaar

As-salamu alaykum!

Journey to Success (J2S) is partnering with Islamic Relief Canada, collecting your donations and zakat, for Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh. These will be stable, permanent shelters. At $5,000, one shelter, will become a home for a household InshaAllah.   

JazakAllah Khair!

Islamic Relief Canada's Bangladesh Emergency Appeal

Islamic Relief in Bangladesh

Islamic Relief has been working in Bangladesh since April 1991 and currently works in 17 districts. Our programmes focus predominately on sustainable development, community empowerment, and some emergency relief.

One of our key goals is to eliminate the chronic levels of household poverty. We work to combat the exponential effects of climate change and resulting climate-induced disasters. We also improve access to safe water sanitation, promote better hygiene practices and tackle issues of discrimination against women and girls, orphans, the elderly, and disabled citizens.

By promoting climate adaptive livelihood options within climate vulnerable households and offering alternative income generating activities, communities have transformed their own lives. They are now more resilient in the face of climate change and disaster.

Our work also prioritizes the needs of women and children, particularly protection to empower families to become less vulnerable to early marriage, child labour and sexual harassment. Our Alternative Orphan Sponsorship programme enables children to continue their education whilst also establishing sources of income for parents/carers. Within four years, families become self-sufficient and can lead safer, more dignified lives.

Islamic Relief's Emergency Shelter Response in Cox's Bazar

The Cox’s Bazar District is one of the most vulnerable and disaster-prone regions of Bangladesh having limited basic facilities and livelihood opportunities. The forced displacement of Rohingya people from Myanmar to Bangladesh has extensively impacted people's access to shelter, food, water, sanitation, protection, education, and basic materials necessary for living with minimum dignity and safety.

Through this campaign, you will support Islamic Relief in providing life saving shelter assistance to the vulnerable people and host communities of Cox's Bazar District. Not only will you be providing life saving assistance, but, you will be supporting the constriction of safe and resilient shelters that will last the years to come and allow Rohingya refugees to be better prepared to deal with natural disasters. 

The shelters for this project have a main entrance door. Each of the shelters has a key lock system door to reduce the safety security risk. To ensure cross ventilation inside the shelter, Islamic Relief will provide Garenja (1 ft. high bamboo mesh on top side of every wall of the shelter) so heat and moisture does not become trapped in the home. Each shelter will be built with materials and designed to withstand monsoon season, so leaks and rainwater do not penetrate their shelters. The shelters will have load bearing structural walls and a full roof. Shelters will also be equipped with essential items such as, tarpaulin, fans, torches, batteries, solar lamps and more. 

Islamic Relief will also regularly perform any needed maintenance on the shelters through regular care. This will be done by training and leveraging Islamic Relief Bangladesh staff to have the capacity to deal with any structural issues.

How you can help the people of Cox's Bazar District

Your donations help support the most critical need. Many individuals living in Cox's Bazar District have very limited access to shelter facilities. As a result, many people are in protection risk. We have identified shelters are a critical need area from our assessment and review and accordingly we have taken this as a priority project intervention. Poor living condition leading safety security and protection risk. It is also a dignity issue. Due to very poor roofing and fencing, people don’t feel safe in their house for sleeping at day and night-time. It can’t protect them from sun light and rain. Improving living condition with proper roofing and fencing is important for ensuring protection and safety of the targeted people.

Your donations will allow for the following impact:

Ensured protection, wellbeing, and dignity through providing life-saving shelter assistance to the vulnerable forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals and host communities in Cox’s Bazar.

Existing structures are improved through regular care and maintenance and Rohingya refugees are better prepared to deal with natural disasters.

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