Mahnoor's BC Hike Challenge
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Salam Everybody,

I have joined with Islamic Relief Canada to take part in the British Columbia Challenge from the 8-13th June.

I will be hiking, rowing and cycling, as part of this challenge, to raise funds to build a better Pakistan. This will be my first challenge abroad and l look forward to completing it with the intention that it will be for our people back home.

The raised money will go towards educational causes around the country, the rebuild of several deprived communities, supply of clean water and the enhancement of the livelihoods of orphans/widows.

I will highly appreciate any donation towards this cause as your aid will reach thousands of people.

May Allah accept your efforts and make you from among those who are at His service every single day.

“Whoever relieves the hardship of a believer in this world, Allah will relieve their hardship on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever helps ease one in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for them in this world and in the Hereafter..." – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Thank you very much.

Mahnoor Saeed.