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    If the Olive Trees knew the hands that planted them,
    their oil would become tears.” 

    – Mahmoud Darwish

    For Giving Tuesday, you can help Islamic Relief Canada reach our goal of planting 10,000 olive trees in Palestine!

    Help Palestinian farmers restore and grow new olive groves, as well as increase green areas, protect the environment, and support sustainable livelihood. 

    Just $10 plants a tree!

    With your support last year, we planted 17,650 trees in Palestine!

    Sow the seeds of reward and plant a tree in Palestine on behalf of a loved one or yourself as the gift of Sadaqa Jariyah!

    Why is there a need for Olive Trees?

    The olive tree conveys deep symbolism for the Palestinian people. Its tending is a testament to tradition, harvested with the love, care and pride of generations.

    Devastating attacks and settler violence in 2021 destroyed over 9,300 olive trees. This directly affected the livelihood of the Palestinian people, with 100,000 families relying on the olive harvest to support themselves.

    To help these families restore their livelihood, we are planting Olive Trees across Palestine. As it grows to fruition, it will be a source of ongoing blessing for all.

    Don’t miss your chance to make this momentous gift! 


    Why Giving Tuesday?

    Giving Tuesday is a global movement that shows the impact we can have when we all work together. After days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is a chance to focus on humanitarian needs.

    This year, Islamic Relief Canada is raising awareness for local farmers and the people of Palestine struggling to rebuild their lives after the 2021 violent attacks and decades of continuous violence.

    Today, let’s show the people of Palestine there’s a whole community of people thinking of them!

    Our Work in Palestine

    Islamic Relief has been on the ground in Palestine for over 25 years. 

    Our work is focused on addressing the urgent needs of the people of Palestine, who are struggling through decades of conflict and blockade while supporting their just and sustainable recovery. 

    Every day, our team continues to deliver urgently needed supplies and equipment, including medicine, food and hygiene supplies for families. Our team also supports the recovery of Palestine through clean water, education, shelter and livelihood projects.

    Don't Wait, Take Action Now!

    Donate to the campaign in any way you can. Every dollar counts! 

    Spread awareness among family and friends. Even just sharing this on your personal social media can help us reach more people. Thank you for helping us reach our goal!