Alif Donations Campaign for Orphans

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Our Objective

Whoever takes care of an orphan, he and I will be together in Paradise like this (his index and middle fingers held close together) – Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم

53 million. The number of orphans worldwide without one or both parents to give them a home, and the feeling of love and safety. Many are left vulnerable to poverty, sickness, and other dangers of the world. When a child loses a parent, their whole world is turned upside down. First comes the emotional trauma of losing the one who truly loved them, protected them, and cared for them; knowing nothing can ever truly fill that void. Then, the other hardships appear: how to find enough food, pay for rent, school, and health care. The question becomes: without the basics to survive, how will they ever build a better future?  This is where YOU come in. By making a donation and raising awareness of their concerns, you play a large role in filling the gap in their lives, and in showing them they are not on their own. 

Since launching in 2018 we've been able to sponsor/re-sponsor over 40 orphaned children (by the grace of Allah) through this generous global community.

Our Story

Alif donations began with a group of friends from Ottawa, Ontario that learned of Islamic Relief's "Orphan Sponsorship Program". For as little as $1.6/day, Islamic Relief Canada facilitates orphan sponsorships around the world. That's just $50/month!
What started as a small crowdfunding initiative among a group of friends, quickly gained attention among the local Ottawa community. The initiative was met with such incredible enthusiasm and success! And by the grace of Allah, and the communities’ willingness to make a difference,  forty-two orphaned children were sponsored for two years within just two weeks!

Where the Funds Go

Every penny raised through Alif Donations goes towards the world's largest Muslim charity, Islamic Relief Canada.
With your contributions, Islamic Relief allocates money to orphans in debilitating circumstances that are in desperate need of support. They utilize a one-to-one model to ensure your money will go on to provide the child with a safe shelter, food, fresh water, and access to healthcare and education. The money gets distributed to orphans of all ages; both children under the age of 18, and mature orphans over the age of 18. Your help will go on to include more than just tending to the child's physical needs, but their psychosocial needs as well. Sponsoring them also means they receive Eid presents and attend summer camps, sports classes, and fun day trips. More importantly, a social worker will visit regularly to ensure their home is safe and loving.

How you can Help

‘They ask you, [O Muhammad], in what [way] they should donate. Say, “Whatever you spend of good is [to be] for parents, relatives, orphans, the poor, and [needy] travelers. Whatever good you do is certainly well known to Allah”- Al Baqarah: 215
We may not be able to physically assist those in need all over the world, but we can certainly do everything in our power to raise awareness to causes that help better the lives of others.
And every single dollar counts!
Even if you are unable to contribute financially, don't forget to share the campaign link with your friends and family so you too, can reap the reward!

Learn more about Islamic Relief Canada's Orphan Care Program

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