Honoring the Everflowing Legacy of Ramy Elbakari: Sadaqah Jariyah

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Honoring Ramy Elbakari's legacy, we're building water wells in his name, embodying his kindness. Join us in creating lasting impact.

Sadaqah Jariyah for the Loving Memory of Ramy Elbakari

In loving memory of our cherished friend, Ramy Elbakari, we gather here to celebrate a life that touched us profoundly and left an indelible mark on our hearts. Ramy's radiant smile, his kind spirit, and his unwavering support enriched our lives in countless ways. Though he is no longer with us, his legacy continues to inspire us to do good and spread positivity. As we embark on this meaningful journey, we invite you to join us in perpetuating his memory through a noble act that encapsulates his essence – the construction of a water well in his name, a timeless testament to his compassionate and giving nature.

Ramy's virtues – his kindness, empathy, and genuine concern for others – continue to echo through the lives he touched. This project is a tribute to those virtues, a way for us to come together as a community and extend his legacy of goodness to the world. By contributing to this endeavor, you become a part of something beautiful and lasting, a ripple of kindness that will touch lives far beyond our immediate circle.

Just as Ramy's kindness knew no bounds, we aspire to create ripples of goodness that persist beyond time. Inspired by the noble concept of Sadaqah Jariyah – ongoing and continuous charity – we plan to construct a water well, a source of life, in his name. This well will quench the thirst of those in need, providing clean water to countless lives for generations to come. Every drop drawn from its depths will serve as a reminder of the love and compassion Ramy shared with us.

Ramy's legacy aligns with the principles of Sadaqah Jariyah, representing ongoing charity that will continue to benefit others long after we have bid farewell to this world. Just as he offered us his unwavering support and kindness, this water well will offer sustenance and hope, etching his memory in the hearts of those he never met.

Moreover, the enduring impact of beneficial knowledge resonates deeply with Ramy's influence on our lives. His wisdom, his smiles, and his advice continue to guide us, reminding us of the goodness he spread. By contributing to this project, you become part of the knowledge he leaves behind – the knowledge of compassion, unity, and the profound impact a single life can have.

Join us in transforming sorrow into an everlasting source of good. Let's make this water well a beacon of hope, a symbol of the love we have for our dear friend, and a reminder that his legacy lives on through each drop of water drawn from its depths. Together, we can ensure that Ramy's memory remains alive and that his legacy of kindness continues to touch lives in profound ways. Your support for this project not only serves as a tribute to his memory but also as a promise to continue his legacy of generosity through the lasting impact of this meaningful act.


Islamic Relief Canada's Clean Water for Life Program

The best charity is giving water

A staggering 785 million people are going thirsty each and every day. Without safe and clean water to drink, these people risk dehydration, disease and at worse: death.

How your water donation changes lives

When you donate water wells, not only does it act as a Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity) but you also help communities facing water scarcity access clean and safe water. Your generous donations are helping us to reach over 200,000 people through over 100 water wells, hand pumps, and water infrastructure to provide clean water for life.

We support communities across the globe in a variety of ways, including:

Offering life-saving clean water to thousands of students by installing water tanks at various schools in Sudan 
Installing drip irrigation systems in Ethiopia to support agro pastoral farmers 
Ensuring that families can directly access clean water by drilling and installing hand pump water wells in their homes 
Creating water management committees and providing local community members with the training to manage their community’s water systems

Water Charity: Sustainable sources of clean water

Here at Islamic Relief, we’re working worldwide in over 40 countries across the globe to ensure that not only do communities have a safe and reliable source of water for today, but for life too.

When we build a water system, we ensure communities have a sustainable source of clean water for years to come.

We bypass short-term interventions and high running costs to instead provide long-term sustainable solutions; installing irrigation systems, building water tanks, training communities, distributing hygiene kits and rehabilitating viable water systems.

Help us to provide men, women and children clean and safe water, an essential we all take for granted.